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Good morning peeps!! Lets dive right in!!

I saw this challenge posted on facebook by one of the judges.The Driven To Desire Challenge is new and is accepting submissions until June 8th! Any pairing is welcome and must be beta'd! You have to keep it on the DL, its an anonymous challenge. No more than 14,000 words and make sure that you get at least 3,000. Here what their page says they want:

UST or Unresolved Sexual tension – a social phenomenon that occurs when two people interact and one or both feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.

So many obstacles can stand in the way of two people coming together (figuratively and literally) – maybe they are co-workers, best friends, from rival families, even teacher and student! – That’s what the judges want to read.

We challenge you to make us squirm, beg for relief, toss our computers out the window in frustration – build up the tension till we can’t take any more.

Think your up to the challenge?? I can't wait to see if you are!

Now, I found a contest that is right up anyone's alley that reads or writes slash. The Summer It All Began is a contest about the summer that it all began for your favorite slash couple. Its anonymous, so your one-shot needs to be new, also there is no collabing, two stories per pen-name. Get it beta'd and there is a minimum of 3,000 words with a maximum of 12,000. Submissions are open on May 1st and you have until June 15th to get them in. Get out there and write something spectacular!!

That's what I have! Please don't hesitate to email me anything you want spotlighted at agrutle@gmail.com. I'll try to get it out there for ya!! Have a great week!!!


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