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Okay so last week I asked a ridiculous question: How many time is Jasper shown the the Breaking Dawn pt 1 movie. I'm guessing it was uber late and I was half asleep, because honestly I have no clue how many times he was shown, probably not enough. But thank you to LaurieWhitlock for humoring me Seriously though, how awesome would it be Stephenie decided to make a movie just about Jasper? A girl can dream, right? Anyways, on with the show. When did Jasper first meet Peter? Until next time girlies



When he was living with Maria on the south.

Sometime after Jasper gained control of his gift and was put in charge of the newborns in Maria's army.

Also I would SO love for there to be a whole book/movie based on Jasper. If that ever happens *prays to whoever will listen* they better get Jackson back to play him. Jackson himself has said that he would love the chance to explore Jasper's history more.

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