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Good Morning Jasper lovers!! Lets see what we can get in to today!

How about a contest based on pregnancy? Its spring and that means new life, why not a fic that shows us a pregnant Bella or Alice and perhaps even a pregnant Esme? Beautiful Bellies is a contest that is back for its second year. Your story must be beta'd and it can be an extension of an existing story but the existing one must be complete at the time of submission. Any pairings are accepted and there is no minimum or maximum. Obviously pregnancy must be a focal point of one of the main characters. There is a 5 lists of words on the contest page and you must use one word from each list in your story. Its an anonymous contest so pimp the contest not your entry. You have until April 15th to get your submission in.

A fandom event that started recently is the Fandoms 4 Autism. All stories must be in by May 5th and donations are being accepted until May 25, with the compilation being sent out on the 26th of May. Autism is being researched heavily to find out what exactly causes it. Money is needed to fund this research. There is no cure as of yet but that could change if we help. Please donate if you can! Every little bit helps!!

If you have anything you want me to post please send me the info and I'll get it up here! Agrutle@gmail.com

Have a great week and I'll see you next time!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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