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Today's spank is from a new participant. It's not only her first drabble, but also her first o/s ever. She did an amazing job and I want to say a big THANK YOU to Insanitycat.

So without further ado....onward.


Handle with Care
By: Insanitycat

I sat in my truck far out in the desert. It was quiet out here. Empty. Perfect. Hot as hell too but that just added to my high. I loved the heat, I adored the way it scorched my skin without burning the acclimatized cells. The way it pounded behind my eyelids, white hot and vicious. It almost burned me from the inside out with each breath and so I breathed deeper.

I sat on the roof of the cab in lotus position, my eyes open but because of the barren land in front of me it was kinda the same as having them closed. The road was just out of sight but I caught the flash of a car being hit by the sun.

Another flash, same spot. A stationary car. What the fuck? I jumped down, bending my knees to avoid shin splints because that shit just hurts. I stalked quickly across the ground, the warmth seeping through the soles of my Chucks. Nobody came out here, this was my spot and if they thought they were staying I’d sure as hell let them know different.

Eventually I reached it to find a beautiful half-naked boy laying across the hood of a beautiful car. I pinched my arm. “Ow!” Holy shit I’m awake.

His eyes snapped open at my sound and they were the same dark blue as the car. The buttons of his jeans were undone. “Shit!” Yeah, I’m awake.

He sat up at the word and I looked up from frowning at the welt that was forming on my abused arm. He leaned back on his hands and stared at me.

“Did you follow me out here?” I demanded and he raised an eyebrow at me. It was the only part of him that moved.

I waited… “That’s not an answer,” I huffed. The corner of his mouth twitched upwards.

“Can you just leave?” I whined, gesturing with my arm down the empty road.

Both eyebrows went up. “No.” He speaks!

“Why?” I asked.



It was dead silence as we tried to stare each other out. I huffed and without thinking about it I walked towards him and hopped up on the hood of the car beside him, just as he slid to his left a bit to give me room. It was odd. As if it was a practiced move we’d been doing for years.

I lay back on the hood like he did but put my hands behind my head. I sensed him shift and felt slightly calloused fingertips run over the strip of skin exposed by my t-shirt. I opened the eye closest to him and saw him focusing on where his hand was- a calm expression written across his face.

Why were we acting as if we’d known each other years? Why was I not screaming at this boy to get the fuck outta my bit of desert? Probably because I don’t scream unnecessarily, takes up too much effort.

He ran his fingers over the bump that made the top of my hip-bone, focusing from part to part of that strip of skin. And I let him. For one thing it felt good and another… I had a feeling this boy had something of mine.

“Bella,” I stated my name, trying to coax his out of him.

“Jasper,” he murmured, venturing up towards my belly button. His eyes fell on my face as he hooked the bottom of it and pulled and pressed down at the same time.

I gasped at the almost painful sensation it created in my clit and at my reaction his eyes changed. They darkened from cobalt blue to a velvet navy, like a night sky with no stars or moon. The air filled with tension which shattered as soon as I sat up sharply and almost attacked him.

My mouth covered his and there was nothing slow or steady about it. What did surprise me was the lingering sweetness in his touch, the way one hand held my jaw and the other glided across my back under my shirt.

I slid off the hood, keeping my lips on his until I had to pull back when I stood. He looked at me in confusion but I just grabbed his hand and tugged him towards me until he’d also stood. I grinned at him, abruptly let go of his hand, and then broke into a sprint in the direction of my truck.

I got about half way there before he caught me and took me to the ground, we rolled until I was underneath and through laughter we kissed again getting more and more heated with each pass. I explored his body and he returned the favour, his hands touching places that made me ache and moan in want.

I lost my virginity that day in the middle of the desert; I squirm just remembering the way he felt against and inside of me. I look up from my plate across the table at him and smirk, just to make him a little paranoid. He’s my best friend but that doesn’t mean I can’t mess with him.

“Bella?” my mom says my name from the top of the table. “Are you all packed, sweetie?”

“Yeah, mom.” I reply with a smile.

Jasper and I in college together, my smile morphs into a grin at the thought. I’m taking art, he’s taking music, and we chose Texas because we both love the heat. Mom doesn’t know that that’s how me and Jasper met. No-one does. I was right though. He did have something of mine and I haven’t gotten it back yet, I don’t think I really want it.

I rub the tattoo over my heart I got last year, two years after we met. Handle With Care. He has ”I will,” on the inside of his wrist.

She did so good didn't she? Leave her some love in the comments.

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Great SB InsanityCat. I know the way it makes you feel both nervous and insanely happy when it gets published on JD's.

Hope you write more.

*happydance* squealing like a little fan girl right now, my neighbors probably think I've got a hyperactive pig in here, :D

Loved the story - builds beautifully and what a wrap up at the end!


Wow! That was great! :)

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