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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: I Can Learn by dellaterra

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

We’re only a few days from Christmas! This week’s gorgeous slice of yuletide fare is I Can Learn by dellaterra.

I read this one shot a year ago when it was first posted and it left quite an impression on me. Jasper Whitlock, in an effort to make some extra cash for the holidays, begrudgingly takes the position of mall Santa Claus. For weeks he deals with screaming, sticky children while he puts on a brave face and pretends to be the jolly old elf.

On the night before Christmas Eve, and his last official day as Santa, Jasper is floored when a little girl and her beautiful father appear next in line. The well-mannered little girl, Isabella, sits on Jasper’s lap and tells him exactly what she wants for Christmas this year: for her Papa, Seth, to come back. She misses him and her Daddy has been sad since he’s been gone. To say that Jasper’s heartstrings are pulled would be an understatement. After giving his condolences and handing Isabella her candy cane, she and her handsome father go on their merry way.

After his shift, Jasper heads out to play a gig with his band when he literally runs into Edward and Isabella, who had just finished shopping. After apologizing, recognition dawns on Jasper. Isabella, who is not only well-mannered, but also very observant and wise for her age, recognizes Jasper as Santa even though it took a minute for everything to click for Edward. During their conversation, Jasper realizes that Edward is not just an incredibly handsome stranger with a perceptive daughter. He is the Edward Cullen, world-renowned piano prodigy who travels the world playing with symphonies and popular artists alike.

It’s obvious that both Jasper and Edward are attracted to each other, but Edward is still mourning the loss of Seth and even carries guilt regarding his passing. To find out what happens between Jasper and Edward, you’ll have to read the story. :)

This is perfect for the holiday season because of its overall theme of hope. dellaterra perfectly portrays the emotions of the characters, particularly Edward, so much so that they are palpable, tangible and real. Your heart will break for him, but you will also feel the glimmer of hope that maybe Jasper can be that person who can help Edward overcome his grief and learn to love again.

I know we’ve all read stories, particularly one shots, that leave us wanting more, but if there was ever a story that needed another chapter or two, it would be this one. That’s not to say that it’s not great as it is, but I would love to see what happened to Jasper and Edward maybe a year down the road…or even the next morning.

Please read this lovely Christmas one shot. It’s complex and simple; heartbreaking and joyous; hopeful and scary…all the things that make new love and the potential of new beginnings so exciting!

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UPDATE: On Christmas Day, dellaterra posted a new chapter of this wonderful story and has decided to expand it into a multi-chapter story! Talk about Christmas wishes coming true! Please take a moment and read this story! You won't be disappointed! :D


OMG! I just discovered this wonderful review by searching "dellaterra" on Twitter (where I'm dellaterra803), and to say that I'm overwhelmed is an understatement.

So... a year down the road (in RL), and the next morning (in ICL time), I hope you will be happy to know that I've just started posting new chapters (beginning with EPOV of the first chapter), thanks to the encouragement and support of a lot of readers and especially my beta, TruceOver.

And thank you too, for this awesome review and rec.

xoxo JJ / dellaterra (on FFn)

P.S. Please tell me who made that beautiful banner!

You're very welcome! :D

Read this story, y'all!!!!

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