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Good Morning I have just a little bit to share with you today!!

How about a contest that centers around the friendships of Twilight! Twilight is all about Romance and relationships, the love triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob, but what about family and friendship? Aren't they important? In this contest, we want to see one-shots based off non-romantic relationships, like the relationship between Alice and Bella going shopping or between Leah and Seth coping with their father's untimely passing, in a way that doesn't involve any romance.

The TwiMuses are hosting a discussion about the best fics of 2011 on the 30th of December from 9 to 11 EST. All the info can be found here . Sounds like a nice way to spend the evening! Thinking about all the great fics from the year before we start a new year.

That's all I have for you all this week! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas if they celebrate and a Happy Holiday if they don't!! Please send me anything you have for the fandom!! Agrutle@gmail.com I'll post any information here!! See you next time!


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