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Darlins Come Together: Suite 69 by twolipps

The Darlins came together this week to rec Suite 69 by twolipps. I'm sure you can tell from the title alone that this is a scorcher! lol

Summary: Jasper has hit rock bottom and is doing anything just to make ends meet...and then he meets Bella. Can he fulfill his obligations and then walk away?

What in the world could Jasper possibly have to do to make ends meet? Let's find out what the Darlins thought. *evil giggle*
Okay, so I was going to be all I need this o/s continued like yesterday, but since the time we got it and today it has been. WOO HOO!

I haven't read the next chapter yet, but I will be doing so very soon.

The original Suite 69 o/s is amazing though. It's so hot, but also leaves you falling for Jasper hard, even though he is a prostitute. However, it is in a different way than him standing on a street corner. There is also a very good reason why he does what he does and you can't fault him at all for his choice. He's simply an awesome guy doing what he has to to survive and take care of his responsibilities.

Of course, then Bella comes into his life as an uninformed client, and by uninformed, I mean she has no clue what he does or that her boss paid for his services for her. I'm pretty sure she is going to just mess everything up, in a good way though. Oh, and she thinks his name is Riley.

Alright, I'm going to go now before I give anything away, but go read. You won't be disappointed.

Me, calling the front desk at the hotel I’m staying at: I need towels and swiveling hips in room 69 please. read this story written by the fabulous twolipps (I love her fics!) and you’ll understand my request... What started off as a o/s has now been expanded! You’ll love the sweetness that just flows off of her Jasper.

My goodness! This is one story that left me feverish and looking for the closest fan! Jasper, in order to make ends meet and provide for his family, takes to providing certain "services" for guests at the hotel where he works. Along comes Bella, who has absolutely no idea what she's in for when Jasper offers up his talents for the evening. *swoon* Needless to say, they make quite an impression on each other.

Definitely check out this story, which started off as a one shot, but is now being expanded to a mulit-chapter story. You will NOT be disappointed, but I suggest having a glass of ice water nearby so you don't combust and burn down your house, office, etc. LOL


See ya next time!

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