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Ok so this is my first time doing this and to say that I'm both nervous at to what to do and excited that I get to by a Darlin' for the day would be an understatement. I'm not sure what to do so I'm going to tell you a little about me and tell you my fav authors and stories. I'm sure I'll forget somethings and only remember afterwards. lol

About me: I'm 24, LOVE Jasper/Jackson. I'm team Cullen men but I love Jasper the most. I love to read (Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire Academy being my favs), write, listen to music and watch TV ( 2 of my fav shows Criminal Minds and Vampire Diaries). I'm an only child and the only red head in my family. I got some really great friends that I've met through Twilight, Harry Potter, the 100 Monkeys and other writers. I'm a hardcore Potterhead but only just recently posted my first HP fic. Reading twi fan fic is what got me writing again. I'm a Monkey Junkie have yet to see the guys perform live but I know that I will one day. I usually read Jasper/Bella but I do read other pairings as long as the story grabs me from the start. I love sports and country music. You can usually find a country song of some sort in my stories. I love to give Jasper cars that I think are cool or that I want. I have started to work on my own book but I've only got a couple of chapters and don't have a clue as to what I'm going to do with it once I do have it written.

How long I've been writing: Since 2010 mostly Jasper/Bella but I have written stories for the others just haven't posted them yet because they are for Fandoms. Also I've done 2 from Renesmee's POV and one from Tanya's and one from Carlisle's. I've also written an RPF.

Favorite Author: mama4dukes, busymommy and others just can't remember right now.

Fav stories: Life Happens, So Just Roll With It by mama4dukes, Going Under For The Third Time by busymommy, Let Your Fingers Do The Talking by busymommy, Dates, Mates, Hate and Fate by mama4dukes, Bourbon and Tea by Zigster, Chocolate Jasper by mynxi, Everything is Bigger in Texas by VicesVsVirtue, Closer, Cold Desert by MariahajilE and I'm most likely forgetting a lot others.

Why I started to write: Well I used to write when I was younger but I only showed my mom but as I was reading a fan fic one day I thought hey I can do this so I started to write and share them with others. Some of my stories have won awards either in second or third place. Also I've done a couple Jasper Spank Bank entries also.

So that's about it, I think not sure what else I should tell y'all hope you enjoyed learning a little about me.

Thanks so much to LaurieWhitlock for entering our Caption This contest! Remember...you can be our Darlin' for a Day, where you'll have free reign to say whatever you want! That's right! You can rec your fav fics, your fav author, tell everyone about yourself or just ramble on...and on...and on...(you get the idea lol). All you have to do is take a look at the picture in our Caption This segment and comment with the first thing that crosses your mind. The best response will win!!!


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