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Morning!! Happy Breaking Dawn day!! Off to what I have for you!!

It's a contest that is strictly non-canon. You must write a story based on the banners provided. Its called UnWrap This. It must be Christmas themed and a minimum of 1,000 words. Get it beta'd and don't tell anyone which one is yours cause the contest is anonymous!! Submissions are due by the 17th of December and voting is the 18th to the 26th and winners will be announced December 27th. Make sure you go and read all the rules!!

Also I have a new fandom charity, Fandom for Heros. Author sign ups are until the 12th of December so if you want to write for it you need to get signed up soon!! Fic submissions are due on or before February 14th, please keep your submissions to 10,000 words and have it beta'd!

This is whats going on this week as always please send me anything you may want featured on here to me agrutle@gmail.com. Have a great day!!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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