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Hey guys!!!!

Hope all of you are enjoying this Friday morning. Sorry, I missed posting last week, but I'm here now and we're going to get right into the pic and winning comment from the week before last.

A reminder of the picture...


And the winning comment was give by *drum roll* Deonne...

Bella: I don't care how big it is, whether it sparkles or is GaGa's Disco Stick. I am not riding that until the room is free of spectators.

Edward: *pouts*

Thanks sweetie for leaving it. If you'll send an email to racejunkie at race.junkie@hotmail.com she'll get you set up for Darlin' for a Day.

Now, this weeks picture is actually a gif and one I've used in my gifgasm segment, but I love it.


Hee hee. Can't wait to see the comments for this one.

Until next week...MWAH


The only time in my life I can ever remember wishing I was a sandwich.

nom nom nom must eat before I'm found

I hope Bella understands all of the sacrifices I'm making for her because this human food tastes like shit! Maybe if I scarf it down really fast, I won't notice the foul taste as much...

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!

Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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