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Hey y'all! My sincerest apologies for my absence the past few weeks but my life has been hectic and there just hasn't been time! But no fears! I've put the call out on twitter for a good fic rec for today and a good friend came through!

Want You to Want Me by rhythm junkie was an entry in the Dirty Talking Jasper contest and won first place judges pick!

It's a Jasper/Riley pairing and I think the main reason I loved this fic so much is because fuck if I don't love a confident, cocky, take charge Jasper. In the beginning he's being asked who he's got his eyes on next and he admits flat out that it's Riley, who is seemingly straight.

Jasper pursues Riley who cannot stop thinking about Jasper and his dirty words and promises of pleasure and it's rather steamy. Riley wants it but doesn't let Jasper know verbally that he does. There's something about Jasper that renders Riley speechless but the sounds that do manage to escape are like a drug to Jasper.

Once Riley ends up in Jasper's bed, he's completely and overly shocked into complete senses overload and finds out rather quickly that Jasper's dirty words and magic cock are something to be desired more than once!

Please, for the love of all things holy and sexy, check this out and leave the girl some love!! This story lacks the proper amount of lovin' and we Jasper lovin' people need to show what we can do to remedy that!

Thanks again for reading and as always, if you have a good rec, you can email me at countryprincess43@gmail.com or leave the link in the comments section and I'll do my best to get to it!

Hopefully I can be back and ready to go next week! Until then, keep on loving our boy!


Thanks for the rec, and for the love, I deeply appreciate it. Esp for this fic, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed writing this one :)

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