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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: Yearning by SweetDulcinea

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

This week’s Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY story is Yearning by SweetDulcinea.

Jasper is in love with his college roommate, Peter. They are best friends, have common interests and are both gay. They could potentially have a great romantic relationship, but there’s one problem. Jasper believes Peter is not at all interested. Because of this, he continues to pine away for a man he’ll never have.

Newly single and ready to get back into the dating scene, Peter ventures out to the club every weekend with his best friend, and each time Jasper’s heart breaks as he watches Peter hook up with other guys. Often wondering what they have that he doesn’t, Jasper spirals into melancholy. After one evening out, Jasper returns home with a very drunk Peter. One thing leads to another and Jasper finds himself in a very precarious position with Peter trying to persuade him to hook up. Knowing Peter would probably regret it in the morning, he extracts himself from Peter’s embrace and goes to bed alone. The next morning Peter makes no mention of the previous night’s events, which both relieves and saddens Jasper.

Jasper reaches his emotional limit when he and Peter go out again one night and Peter is flirting heavily with a man who is a dead ringer for Jasper in every way. They looked the same physically, drank the same drink, wore the same kinds of clothes and even had the same major. Jasper snaps wondering why in the world Peter would try to hook up with a poor imitation when he could have the real thing. Disgusted by the display, Jasper leaves the club and finds himself in a nearby diner. Striking up a conversation with the waitress, Alice, the cook, Edward, and their friend Bella, Jasper finds kindred spirits in the most unexpected of places. Alice, Edward and Bella share an interesting and special relationship of their own and make it their mission to help Jasper with Peter.

Yearning is a really sweet story that has a great mix of angst, sweetness and humor. Not only will you fall in love with Jasper, but you’ll also find yourself wishing Edward, Alice and Bella were your friends as well. They really look out for Jasper and made him realize some important things.

Definitely check this one shot out! You won’t be disappointed!

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