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Darlins Come Together: Bones by Conorlovegood

This week the Darlins are tackling slash (*happy dance*) with the one-shot, Bones, by Conorlovegood!

Summary: Jasper is afraid of change until he falls for someone worth jumping for.

Let's check out what the Darlins had to say about this sweet story.

This o/s is absolutely fantastic. Conorlovegood gives such depth to the characters without gong overboard in detail. It is so sweet and I found myself smiling through most of it. There was a brief moment where I experienced a little heartfail, but in just one text it was all better.

The love Jasper and Edward share is beautiful. They care about each other so much and you get that with every word that is written.

I really wish it was continued, so I could see what their pasts are like and what the future holds for these two.

If you love slash then you should really have this one one your need to read list.

~ abbymickey24
Meeting the boyfriend's parents is always a scary situation, and it's no different for Jasper and Edward. They are summoned one evening and Jasper isn't prepared to meet them that soon, he would rather have a week or six. Finally Edward just tells Jasper to stay home while he went. Laying in bed, Jasper realizes that he should be there with Edward no matter how scared he is about meeting them. Rushing to get ready he finds notes that Edward left behind for him and is on his way. After Jasper gets there it's nothing like he was expecting. You will have to check it out to see how it goes. I loved it!

~ Agrutle
I absolutely loved this one-shot. I'm a Jasper/Edward shipper myself so this was right up my alley. It was so sweet and so beautifully written. I loved how Jasper put aside his own terrifying worries and fears for the man he loves and broke down and ended up going to meet Edward's family. There are a couple of really hot scenes and the whole dynamic of the story is just awesome. Give it a chance because you will not regret this!

~ JasperLuver48
Do you remember that gut-wrenching anxiety attack you had when you had to meet your significant other's parents? Follow Jasper as he fights with himself to meet Edward's family and Edward's anticipation of Jasper's flip-flopping. Add to this some slashy goodness and you'll be glad you read this o/s!

~ racejunkie
Bones tells the story of Jasper and Edward, who are happily in love. However, when they are invited to Edward's parent's house for a get-together, Jasper's fears get the best of him. He doesn't feel he ready to take that step. Deep down, he wants to, but something keeps holding him back. Noticing Jasper's growing discomfort, Edward lets him know that he doesn't have to attend. After Edward's gone, Jasper starts to think about how his indecisiveness and reluctance to meet the parents is affecting the man he loves. With a new-found courage and resolve, Jasper heads over to the party...with a little help from Edward via hidden notes and clues (*swoon*).

I don't want to give away much more of the story because I really want to encourage all of you to read it for yourselves! This is a beautiful story of overcoming fears, no matter how crippling, for the person you love. Your heart will undoubtedly swell with joy.

~ mw138

Looks like slash is a big hit with the Darlins! LOL

Until next time!

I absolutely agree, easily one of the best slash stories out there, and recently updated. xx

I absolutely agree, easily one of the best slash stories out there, and recently updated. xx

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