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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: Hostage by maryhell

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

I am very excited to share this week’s incredible story, Hostage by maryhell, with all of you!

In Hostage, we meet Jasper Whitlock, leader of an elite team of S.W.A.T. police officers (The Pack), which includes his foster brother and secret lover, Edward Cullen. Now, don’t get freaked out. They have absolutely no blood relation. To the outside world, Jasper and Edward are very close brothers who have each other’s backs, but in their own world, within the safe confines of the apartment they share, they are desperately and madly in love.

When a dangerous hostage situation occurs in a bank downtown, The Pack springs into action; however, the gang carrying out the crime has other plans in mind. In an effort to save hostages and gain inside information, tough decisions are made and an earth-shattering secret is eventually revealed; one that could alter the lives of Jasper, Edward and their family forever.

Obviously, I love the intensity Jasper and Edward share in their relationship. The immense love and protectiveness they have for one another, even though they have to hide the true nature of their relationship from everyone, makes my heart beat a little faster. :) I also enjoy the camaraderie and family-like atmosphere amongst the members of The Pack. They are willing to kill, and die, for each other if it means saving the life of a fellow team member.

maryhell's attention to detail is amazing. They way she describes the The Pack's operations and various assignments makes you feel like you're right there in the midst of all the action. She also illustrates the characters in such a way that you not only feel like you personally know them, but you root for them when something great happens and feel their anger, hatred and sadness when something goes wrong.

I really hope you give Hostage a chance because it’s filled to the brim with edge-of-your-seat action, suspense and heart-pounding sexiness! If you enjoy stories about the mafia (hell yeah!), police drama and swoon-worthy romance, Hostage is definitely the story for you!


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