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Darlins Come Together: Timeless by Jezebel Whitlock

This week's Darlins Come Together story is Timeless by Jezebel Whitlock. This isn't your average story involving Bella and her favorite vampire family. Time travel occurs, and while some may balk at such a storyline, it's definitely worth checking out!

Summary: Jasper is asked to watch Bella while the rest of the Cullens are hunting. One minute she's there, the next she's gone...

Here's what a few of the Darlins had to say about this fascinating story...
Timeless is wonderful story with such an original storyline.

I've loved every moment of it.

The premise is that Jasper is left to babysit Bella. One minute she's there and then the next she's vanished into thin air. Jasper is freaked out obviously, much more than Edward is, and the only one that seems to want to find Bella when it happens.

Little does any of the Cullen's know, Bella has been sucked into an alternate universe where most things are certainly different. Carlisle is the only vampire out of the family, Emmett is her brother, Alice is still the same annoyance, but the most important thing...Bella is set to marry a very human Jasper within hours of getting to that universe.

Jasper is an asshole and you love to hate him as a human. Bella deals with it and ends up pregnant.

When she's eventually returns to the right time she's still very much pregnant by Jasper.

I can't wait to see what happens next and I'm hoping Jezebel Whitlock updates soon. I would recommend this story to anyone who wants to read something different.


I have found myself downloading books after books about time travel so this story fits right up my alley. Bella is sent back in time to marry a human Jasper, something he definitely does not want. Those of you who are Alice-haters, will enjoy this fic…Alice is a hootch in the past and Bella just can’t seem to get over it! I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds…

I first read this story earlier this year and found it so interesting! Jasper is asked to keep an eye on Bella while the rest of the Cullen family hunts, but during one of the brief moments when Bella is out of his sight, she disappears. She is sent to an alternate universe where her vampire family is human and take on very OOC personalities. What follows are a series of events that will surprise you.

Bella is forced into an arranged marriage with Jasper who is not very nice at all. By some miracle, she encounters Carlisle, the only member of the family who is actually a vampire in this alternate universe, and with his help makes her way back home. However, certain things took place in that other life that will alter Bella and (vampire) Jasper's life in major ways...not to mention her relationship with Edward.

I would definitely suggest reading this story. It has so many twists and turns that your interest will always be held.


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