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Darlin's Love A Darlin: Racejunkie Edition

Hey guys!!!!

Well, it's the last Saturday of the month and that means it's my last week to shower racejunkie with some love. Actually, that's just here I'd love all over her anytime she wants.

Today's post we will be looking at her two one shots. I absolutely without a doubt love both of them.

The first is called You Can't Go Home. Here's the summary:

When the reason for Jasper's existence is gone, he returns to the life he had left behind. Even then he can't escape the memory of what he did.

So, yeah, the summary pretty much says it all. A very bad accidental thing happens resulting in the loss of a mate. The fallout is written with the perfect emotion and I could see it happening just the way racejunkie wrote it.

As a teaser I'm only going to give you the last line. You'll have to read the rest to see what happened to get there.

Only the Major remained. "Next!" the monster roared.

You want to go read now don't you. I knew you would. Finish up here and then head over. Here's the link so it's easy to find: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5935534/1/you_cant_go_home

Now the second o/s is called Angels from Hell

Jasper is the leader of a dangerous biker gang. Harleysper at his finest!

And fine his is.

I love this one. I, at one point, had to talk racejunkie off a ledge thanks to some not so smart people because of it. I don't think any of you will be disappointed in the dominance that our boy possesses here though.

Small teaser to wet your whistle or other things...

The blush that started in her face trailed down to her chest. "You said that if you wanted to fuck me or bury your face in my p-pussy, I was to spread my legs," she whispered.

I smiled when she stuttered. I was really going to enjoy teaching her how to please me. "That's right, pet. Now, where were we?" I asked.

Link just in case you need it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5935747/1/angels_from_hell

Now after you read these two don't forget to show her so love by leaving a review.

Have a great day....MWAH!!!!


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