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Darlins Loves a Darlin: Racejunkie Edition

So, when we were asked to pick a fellow Darlin' to love on I jumped at racejunkie as fast as I could. I first came in contact with her when she was a reviewer of mine and have grown to love her.

She's written 2 full length stories that I heart so hard and would give my right leg *cough* for an update *cough* and 2 one-shots I love just as much.

She's a 48 year old married mom of two and grandma of 3. (I was surprised by that because I always thought she was younger).

She's an accountant for an auto auction which is awesome to me and lives in a small town in Oklahoma.

When she's not in the fandom she enjoys playing frontierville and dowloading books to her kindle as well as watching her family race on a dirt track.

She's got 2 pets, a dog named Grace and a cat named Dessa. I am curious what breeds they are bb.

I hope everyone enjoyed this short little bio for racejunkie. I'll be back next week to rec her two full length stories.

Until then....MWAH!


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