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Totally Random Recs: The Thing About Falling by mistyhaze420

Okay, everyone, I have a great story for you! It’s called The Thing About Falling by mistyhaze420. I just had to share this story with all of you because it’s too good to miss and has quickly become one of all-time favorites! The Thing About Falling is a companion story to mistyhaze420’s epic Jasper/Edward love story Lessons Learned. It features the adorable character, Brady, and follows him on his quest to find true love.

Always relegated as the kind-hearted and flamboyant side kick, Brady yearns to find that one person who will make his heart flutter and swell with love. Most of his friends have paired up and found their own special someone, but Brady feels left out in the cold. After a particularly heartbreaking experience, Brady believes he’s destined to end up alone.

Brady joins his friends on a trip to Texas for spring break so Jasper and his cousin, Jeremiah, can visit their families, and the entire Forks crew tags along. One person that everyone is a little anxious to meet and learn more about is Jasper’s eldest cousin, Brandon. He’d been in and out of jail for most of his life and had earned quite a reputation as a man who is not to be fucked with. He wants to make a fresh start and live life on the straight and narrow, but past demons continue to haunt him.

Brandon is also living with a secret…a secret that very few know, not even his cousins. So when Brady saunters into his life, all smiles and cheerfulness, Brandon is reminded of a special person he lost a long time ago. Brady immediately takes a liking to Brandon, he is a Whitlock, afterall, and all those Whitlock boys are GORGEOUS! lol Even though he knows he should stay away from him, Brandon can’t help but try build a friendship with Brady in hopes that some of his goodness will rub off on him.

The Thing About Falling is a delightful story that will capture your heart right from the start. I cannot stress just how much I love this story. Oh, and don’t worry, Jasper still plays a pretty big role! Please check out this story and show mistyhaze420 some love. You will not be disappointed!

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Truly gorgeous story, just amazing... I don't know how Mistyhaze420 does it!

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