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Darlin' for a Day...Jasper's Woman!

This week's winner of our Caption That segment is Jasper's Woman. For her Darlin' for a Day duties, she had decided to rec some of her fav stories so without further ado, I give you Jasper's Woman...enjoy!

So, I get to be Darlin' for a Day...you could have too if you simply participate in the caption game!!! Seriously, all you have to do is look at a picture and write the first thing that comes to mind...I know some of you sick ladies have a fuckton comments to make on pictures...so get your asses over here and start playing!


Anyway, I have three great stories to rec.


One is Behind Steel Bars by TwilightAddict71484 (What happens when Texas's two most notable families meet in the most unexpected way, in the last place you would think? Will love blossom or will all hell break loose?)

What made me rec this Jasper fic? Well, Jasper comes home from serving his country only to find his slut wife cheating on him. He finally moves on, but something terrible happens and he's behind bars...Oh No!!! It's sweet, hot, sexy, and you want to reach through the screen and strangle TwilightAddict 71484 for writing it...it's that fucking good. Go on over, read, review and yell at her to get a banner.


The second one is Learning to Kneel by Sneaky Snarky Subs (Bella finds herself ripped from her everyday life and especially selected and sold to Jasper Whitlock. Will she give in to him and his dark world in every way imaginable? Or will she resist and try to get back to her won? A/H Dark/Dominant/OCC)

While this is slow to update, it's completely worth waiting to read. It's the ultimate Domsper. You'll hate him with every fiber of your being. Then suddenly you're rooting for him. You want Bella to give in and be his perfect slave. You'd happily give up all that you have in life to take her place. Being sold into slavery never sounded so fucking wonderful...UNF.


Third is Sacrifice and Redemption by darkNnerdy (Can redemption be reached in the form of a sacrifice? Jasper arrives in Volterra just as Alice, Edward and Bella are about to meet their fate. What happens when the real Jasper surfaces? Jasper/Bella pairing)

I love when Jasper lets his monster out and goes fucking crazy. There is nothing scarier and sexier. He kicks ass and makes it look easy. That one scene when he walks through the doors covered in blood and grinning...UNF! I don't think this has a banner yet...so go yell at darkNnerdy to get a banner too. If she has one already, yell at her anyway...she'll like it!

So there you go! Three fics starring our favorite Southern hottie! Go check them out and see if you agree with Jasper's Woman. Be sure you leave some love and let the author know that our Darlin' for a Day sent ya!

Remember...if you want to rec your own favorite fics, favorite author, tell a little bit about yourself or just ramble on and on...you have to go to the Caption That segment and like Jasper's Woman said, look at a picture and write the first thing that comes to your mind. So easy!

And don't forget...you only have a few more days to nominate your favorite fics for our Everything's Bigger in Texas contest! Look over the categories and see where your fav story fits!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!

Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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