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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: The Recruiter by PolkaDotMama

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

This week’s wonderful slash story is The Recruiter by PolkaDotMama!

The Recruiter tells the story of Jasper, a young man in high school, who is trying to figure out his sexuality. He’s dated girls in the past, but a crush on a certain brooding classmate, Edward, turns his world on its axis. His body never fails to respond whenever Edward is near, and when Edward winks at him one day, Jasper has to make a quick detour to the bathroom in order to relieve some tension. *giggle*

While in the bathroom stall, Jasper sees the phone number for ‘The Recruiter’. He's familiar with this mysterious recruiter who helps confused guys make decisions regarding their sexuality. There are also rumors that ‘The Recruiter’ tries to turn straight guys gay. Deciding that ‘The Recruiter’ might be the person who finally cements his preferences, Jasper texts him. He receives a response quickly, giving him an address and strict rules: lie face down on the table and do NOT make eye contact.

Even though he’s a bundle of nerves, Jasper meets up with the mysterious man and has quite an eye-opening, and satisfying, experience. He wants to try more, so the two men schedule a second meeting the following week. While Jasper is busy discovering his sexuality, he’s also busy flirting with his quiet lab partner, Edward. Soon Jasper has to decide whether to continue his meetings with ‘The Recruiter’ or pursue the man of his dreams, Edward.

The Recruiter perfectly balances just the right amount of smut and fluff. It will have you panting one minute and swooning the next. I highly recommend checking this story out! PolkaDotMama mentions in her author’s notes that she wrote this story two years ago for the first Slash Backslash contest, but it never saw the light of day. I’m sure we’re all grateful she decided to finally post this delightful story!

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