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So, this week, our very own Lacym3 saved my ass by providing a very hawt drabble for the Spank Bank. Now, most people know that I'm not into slash, but day-um! In fact, THIS week's picture prompt is my hope that Lacy will provide a follow-up (hint: Lacy, write plz!). Here's her fuck-hawt drabble:

It was hot in Atlanta, nearly too hot to even fucking breathe. The heat index was well over a hundred, and while I had grown up in the sweltering state of Texas, years of living in the damp state of Washington had fucked my tolerance to the weather of the south. I wouldn't have even considered the thought of an August trip down here if it hadn't been for the fact that my Peter had gotten a sudden urge to come down to visit his Mama. My lover was a mama's boy if there ever was one.

I was sitting out on the balcony of our hotel room, stripped down to my skin. I didn't like clothes in the best of weather, and the humidity was just another excuse to let it all hang out. The double doors stood wide open, letting the air conditioning from the room billow out; a waste, I know, but it felt damn good.

“Well,” a voice came from the door, making me look around with a smile. Peter leaned against the frame, his shirt already off, his faded jeans loosened. “Now that's a sight to come back to.” I got up from where I'd been lounging, and crossed to him, giving him a welcoming kiss.

“Mmm..” he moaned against my mouth before pulling away. “There's something I've been thinking about all day long, ever since I caught that glimpse of you in the shower this morning. Something no respectful son should ever think about around his Mama. I've been hard as fuck all day thinking about it.”

“And just what is that?” I asked. With a smirk, Peter toed out of his big CAT boots and shoved his jeans off, showing me his indeed impressive hard-on. He backed me up to the railing, and sunk to his knees.

“This,” he said, seconds before his mouth descended on my cock, his woman-like lips engulfing the swollen purple head. A loud moan erupted from my lips, and I leaned heavily against the white column in front of me, the wood smooth against the palm of my hand.

“God yes, baby. Do... do that thing... no, not that thing, the thing with your ton-” I couldn't finish the word, biting down on my lip to stifle my moans. It felt like there were two mouths on me, and it was...

“How are you doing that, baby? It feels like...” I trailed off as I looked down and saw two men kneeling in front of me. “What in the hell? Edward? How did you get in here?!”

Edward, out neighbor in the hotel pulled his mouth off my cock where he'd been licking up the shaft as Peter was sucking on my head. “Never you mind,” he answered. “Just fucking enjoy.” I eyed Peter. It didn't seem to be bothering him. I reached down and ran my fingers through Edward's tousled hair, dragging blunt fingernails across his scalp. He correctly interpreted the invitation and went back to work.

Sweat dripped in rivulets down my neck and glinted off Peter and Edward's chests, and I watched the two men suck me off. Peter swallowed my cock down his throat while Edward cupped my balls, kissing and licking up my inner thighs. I groaned as he nipped at my flesh, then sucked my dick into his mouth as Peter released me.

Peter stood, bringing us nose to nose, and I gripped the back of his neck, bringing him in for a hard kiss. I nipped at his bottom lip as his hand fisted in my hair, leaning my head back as he licked up the column of my throat and Edward mimicked his action down below. Pleasure mounted within me as my toes began to curl and I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I murmured the words to Peter and he sunk back to his knees, pulling Edward off my cock, sucking hard on my tip.

Jesus fuck, he knew exactly what to do. Peter ran his hands up Edward's neck and into his hair, bringing Edward's face next to his own. The image of the two of them on their knees, stiff cocks standing proud promising other things to come later, pushed me over the edge.

“Fuck,” I moaned as I climaxed, thick streams landing on both of their faces. I panted hard, sagging back against the railing.

“I would inquire further,” I said to Edward through huffed breaths, “as to how you got in here, and why you're in here naked, but at the moment, the only thing on my mind is fucking you until you forget your own name.” Peter laughed, kissing me and I could taste myself on his lips.

“I get him first,” he said, taking Edward by the hand, leading him back into our hotel room. Maybe this trip to Hotlanta would be memorable, after all.

Fuck-hawt, right? Told you!

Now for this week's prompt:

And don't forget the rules:
1) All submissions must be drabbles (that means 1,000 words or less).
2) All submissions must be Jasper-centric, but the partners are author’s choice.
3) Lemons are not mandatory, but are very much encouraged.
4) Each submission must be related to the week’s picture prompt.
5) No recycling (no sending in the same drabble more than once).

Send all entries to VegaTenshi@gmail.com!


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