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Welcome back to Underappreciated Fics! This week my rec of choice is Just Once by apk1980!

I really really enjoyed this short but smutty piece of work! Bella and Jasper are best friends... They each have a significant other and a whole group of friends who are very close knit.

But Jasper and Bella have an undeniable attraction to each other and do not want to hurt the people they love, so they take great care in not ever ending up alone together!

Except, one time, they do end up alone and sparks fly!

It's a quick and easy read and well, honestly, who can blame Bella for not being able to resist the handsome and completely irresistable  Jasper!

Take a moment and check it out, and don't forget to review! Afterall, we want to appreciate these fics right?

I'll be back again next week with another underloved story for y'all to love up on!



Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! This is awesome. :))

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