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Hey lovelies! Let's get right down to it this week, shall we?

I read a one-shot this week that absolutely blew me away and I can NOT fathom how this gem only has 12 reviews... well 13 after mine registers. It's a slashy hurty angsty human Edward/vamp Jasper piece written by Buildmeapyramid called Bridges for the Plot My Bunnies contest hosted by Domward's Mistress.

I can't not tell you just how much I loved this piece in mere words but let me try.

The story toggles back and forth between the present and memories Jasper has of Edward. Edward was broken and Jasper wanted to fix him but he couldn't and now he's not with him. He gets a phone call every week but that's not enough for Jasper.

Jasper is just as broken as Edward but he's trapped and can't fix himself.

The memories are vivid and detailed as is the way the author describes everything so vibrantly. It makes the entire story unfold in your mind in a picture perfect movie style.

You can see Edward's hollow eyes and broken demeanor, you can picture Jasper's protective style and see his love for E flow in waves.

But the tragedy in Edward's past is horrible and he needs Jasper in a different way then Jasper needs him. Edward needs Jasper to ease the hurt, Jasper needs Edward to feel alive. Jasper knows he will never be enough.

I can not bear to tell you how this ends but I will warn you now, you need the box of Kleenex and a security blanket if you are going to make it through this one.

It's perfect, beautiful, and tragic all at once and that's a hard combination to come by.

Check it out, show it some love and don't forget to tell her The Darlin's sent you!

I'll be back next week; same time, same place! Enjoy loves!



Wow, thanks love! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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