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Hey guys!

So, this is a little later than I normally post, but I've been struggling this morning trying to find gifs for what I needed.

Last week the general consensus was all of you loved his hair in Eclipse, but everyone hated the New Moon look.

Because I got so many comments I decided that I wanted to go with another theme on what you guys liked the most again.

I was going to do movies that Jackson had been in other than Twilight, but there is sadly a shortage in Hurt gifs. And by shortage I mean there were none. I tried to make my own, but the site I use was being a pain in the ass, so I went a different way.

I still had to make my own, using a different gif site, and it's not moving gifts like normal either though. But I think it will be okay.

So, the question this week. Which photoshoot of Jackson's is your favorite? (Again my answer will be under the gif.

First up we have the Troix shoot:
Tied for second just because I couldn't decide.

Next up the Zooey shoot:

Tied with the Troix shoot

Last we have a shoot that I didn't know what it was for. (If you know please let me know)

This one is my favorite out of the three. He has my favorite haircut of all and he just looks all yummy.

That's it for today. Let me know your favorite. Until next week...MWAH


Triox without the 13 year old or however the hell old she was hanging all over him then Zooey and then the last one with him in the sexy leather that is the order of my favorite photoshoots

Holy shamanties..... I want to lick that stomach down to his Rathboner....UNF

I love a punk jackson...do sexy and dangerous.... Fuck me dead

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