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The Darlins Love a Darlin': mw138 edition

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not getting this done last week. Auditors came from my corporate office and were at my job for 3 days! My very first audit…very nerve-wracking!!! Then the whole town I live in was without phone service for 2 days (yeah, the phone company is a little mom and pop operation). But anyway, things seem to be back to normal now.
This week I’m going to rec one of mw138’s fics. As many of you know, I do love me some slashy goodness so deciding on which fic to choose was easy as *snaps fingers* that! Put Jasper and Edward together in a story and I’m hooked!
Summary:   Years have passed since they last spoke and each of their lives have changed in so many wonderful ways. Can an innocent email rekindle their friendship or will they be doomed to wonder what if?
I loved the way mw138 began this story. I don’t know about you guys, but I have “rekindled” a few of my own friendships with an email and that’s how this fic starts. The basis for this story is a truth that is very near and dear to my heart. Someone very close to me tried to hide how she truly felt inside by actions that not only hurt herself, but others too. In trying to be what society deems “normal”, she denied herself years of the happiness of the knowledge she was being true to herself. Guilt seems to be the main factor she shared with mw138’s Edward.
All is not lost though. As with my friend, Edward comes to terms with what and who he is. As you read this story, please think about all the people you know who are living an unwanted life just because governments and the public assume they know what’s right and let them know that they have your support. It will mean the world to them…I guarantee it!
Many thanks to mw138 for writing such a great story and to the Darlin’s for letting me get up on my soapbox…lol


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