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Hey all! *waves like a beauty queen*

It's videos of the week time. Now last week I got only two comments. Thankfully one of them gave me the subject for my spreading the love around thing. Thanks to twilightobsessed09 who requested the hot doc himself, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I also have to send much love to Peter Facinelli who plays the compassionate vamp.

After you watch leave me a comment on your thoughts and while you're at it give me your favorite vamp or human or *swallows through a gag* shapeshifter. First one to leave a comment with request gets their favorite featured next week. Just remember we've already had Jasper and Carlisle.

Now onto the videos...

Carlisle Cullen:

Peter Facinelli

So, how did you like them?


Ugh! the doctor is in. The first vid was so sweet and beautiful and befitting of Carlisle.
The second was funny and sexy as hell and totally Peter. Especially the last bit with pics from "Fastlane" Gah! did I love that show or what!
And those leather pants !whew!
Can I make another request or is one my limit cause I think the other choice would definitely be( no, not Edward/RPattz) but the one and only Emmett Cullen, that boy is a sex god. One thing I'm sorry for though is not enough Peter cause he would be da bomb. And if I were going for any shifters it would definitely be Leah cause I think she's greatly under appreciated and way stronger and more focused than the boys and a badass at expressing herself.

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