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Hey y'all! This week I'm bringing you a fic that has been approved by several of the Darlins and I hope you will love as much as we did!

It's called Here Without You by SweetT129 and it's a sweet yet heartwrenching story about love and loss and persevering through it all.

Bella and Jasper are madly in love and Jasper has to break the news to Bella that he has to go on a top secret mission of the high security which means he will be gone for a year with no contact whatsoever. Bella has no idea where he's going or how much danger he'll be in.

She has to live her life for an entire year without Jasper and she doesn't know how to do that. Her friend Emmett suggests that she write him letters sharing her life with him and send them to his CO, who may be able to get them to Jasper.

She has no idea if he's getting them but it helps her get through the time.

These letters are full of emotion and sadness and angst but also happy memories and wishes for what their life will be like when he gets back.

This story will tear your heart out and patch it back together. It's getting rave reviews but I also think it deserves some more love! The author has such a beautiful way with words that she makes you feel what Bella is feeling and want her to have her HEA with Jasper so badly that you are afraid your heart won't recover if it doesn't happen.

Take a chance and you won't regret it!

Until next week!


Thank you so much for the great rec! I'm so glad that you ladies liked this story - it's actually my favorite one that I've written.

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