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Hey guys! Happy Saturday! So, did anyone else scream like crazy while they showed the Breaking Dawn trailer at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards? I know I did! Though I would have loved to see more of Jasper.

Last Saturday I asked:
Where was it that Alice met Jasper (be specific) and what did she say to him?

Shout out to Stormdragonfly, for being the first one to answer! But the true standing ovation goes to goldleaves who got the answer right down to every specific. You are too awesome.

Here's what I have for ya'll this time, At what age and where was Jasper changed. Okay so this might be an easy one, but remember, DETAILS!!!

love ya'll!


Jasper was 19, it was night time and he was riding back to Galveston after helping to evacuate a group of women and children when he came upon Maria, Lucy and Nettie

Everything LaurieWhitlock said, except that Jasper was 20, not 19.

Unless SMeyer changed his age in the new timeline she released?

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