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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: Expecting by NanaMun

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

Jasper is pregnant.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jasper is pregnant! 0_o

Did I catch your attention? lol

Well, that alone reeled me in when I discovered Expecting by NanaMun. I had no idea there was niche genre of “mpreg” stories in which our favorite male Twilight characters find themselves pregnant. Even though we logically know this isn’t possible, NanaMun describes the science behind Jasper’s pregnancy in a very convincing way. I never found myself thinking, “Oh come on, that’s ridiculous!”

Expecting tells the story of Jasper, who through the help of IVF, artificial organs and hormones, is carrying his own child. This story takes place in a time when male pregnancies aren’t necessarily the norm, but are more readily accepted. Gay couples can now have their own children with their own DNA and heterosexual couples have the option of the man carrying instead of the woman.

After successfully becoming pregnant, Jasper finds himself alone after his partner, James, disappears. While taking part in his mandatory Expecting class, Jasper meets Esme Cullen, a counselor who helps pregnant men and women cope with the reality of expecting a child. With the help of Esme’s daughter, Alice, and pregnant friend Bella, Jasper slowly gets used to the idea that he will soon be a single father.

Afraid to let anyone close to him after James’ betrayal, Jasper is hesitant to accept an offer to attend dinner at the Cullens’, feeling he is unworthy of their attention and kindness. He is evenutally persuaded by Bella, Esme and, of course, Alice. It is that dinner that changes his life forever because he meets Edward, Esme's quiet and withdrawn son. Jasper and Edward find themselves attracted to each other, but each has his own demons to fight and reservations. Can their love for one another supersede their deep-seated issues and fears?

This is an incredible story that will make you become emotionally invested in the characters and root for their success. There is quite a bit of angst and so many times I felt my heart breaking for the characters. The story hasn't updated since January, but in her profile, NanaMun states that the story will be completed and I can't wait!

Definitely check this story out!

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