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Hey ladies and maybe a few gentlemen. I am going to be doing Places for the Major today. Ready to find some contests?!?! Lets do this!

How about the Hot Summer Nights contest! Write about hot boys, lifeguards, camp counselors and steamy vacations, and what goes on on those steamy nights!!
Stories Must:

Be 2,500-12,500 words
Be Beta'd
Comply to All of the rules listed.
Left Anonymous

What is Allowed:

All Characters
Any Pairings
All Ratings
All Genres

Submissions are from June 15th to July 25! Go write a hot steamy night!!!

Alright one more, The Lyrics and Lemons contest. Ever heard a song and thought "This could be a fic!!" This is the contest for you! Your oneshot must contain a lemon and it can be no more than 10,000 words. You have until the 13th of July to get your submission in.. Make sure it's beta'd and it must have some of the lyrics the song in your oneshot. Also link them to the youtube version of the song you used!

Thanks for letting me hang with ya today!! Get out there and put the Major out there!!


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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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