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It's time to start thinking about this year's Everything's Bigger in Texas Awards!! You heard right, guys and dolls. The time is near for our THIRD ANNUAL contest! Can you believe we've done this three times? I still get teary eyed. If you're new, us Darlins were just a lowly little C2 until we decided to hold a contest. This is our Baby! So The first thing I'm going to post is the Categories. Take a look and start thinking about your nominations, as they won't be opening until AUGUST FIRST. And be sure to follow our rules, because we have entrance requirements!

Most creative way to get rid of Alice/Edward

Darkest Fic

Most underappreciated fic –less than 10 reviews a chapter

Best use of Jasper’s scars in a fic

Best Southern charm fic

Jasper’s 180—bad jasper goes good or vice versa

Best overall Slash

Best AH Jasper

Best Vamp Jasper

Best Jasper Quote

I Dream of Bella—where you really wish you were that girl.

Best AU fic

This Fic is going places—stories under 10 chapters that you know will be awesome

Best original SL

Best WTF moment—where you read it and go seriously?

Best Classic--must be published before June 1, 2010.

Best Overall Jasper Fic

Best Jasper-Centric Banner

Best Jasper non-canon (excludes Jasper/Bella, but can include OCs)

Best Canon

And here are the rules:


All Fics nominated, apart from the 'Classics Category', must be FIRST PUBLISHED AFTER June 1st, 2010. The publication date is listed on the right hand corner of the screen on Fanfiction.net, and on the bottom on Twilighted.net, so please, please check; we will be! Nominations are open from August 1st 2011 to August 22nd 2011, Midnight EST. We will have a spreadsheet posted when the time comes.


Category winners will receive a custom banner and will be featured on the blog during our winners week. The winner of Best Overall Jasper Fic will win two tickets to see Breaking Dawn: Part I in the theatre of their choice.


Can you tell me what the Best original SL means?

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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