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Good morning Jasper lovers!! How are you all doing this lovely June Morning? This year is flying by isn't it?? Any who on with whats going on around the fandom!

Just remember that the Darlins have a contest going on its the Not Your Mamas PB&J contest. Wouldn't you love to be in between Peter and Jasper? That would be ahmazin!!!! Can't you just see if Jasper turned that sexy smirk on you.. Swoon!!


The Twifestival awards are open for nominations. These awards are to showcase the lesser known slash fics and their authors. This sounds great! I think its needed so that not the same people are winning over and over again. Not that those authors don't deserve it but fresh blood winning is great!! You have until the 28th of June to nominate a fic or an author. Run! Go nominate your favorite!!!


With Fathers Day just around the corner I thought I would tell you about the Fornicatin Fathers o/s contest held by the TwificDatabase. I am loving that you can do any pairing, slash is welcome! You must show a Father's Day celebration between your pairing. Nothing over 10,000 words and you can enter more than one story as long as you adhere to the rules of the contest.


I think thats about all I have for today.. If you have anything you want me to add to the happenings let me know you can comment here or you can drop me a line here on my fanfic account. See ya next Thursday!!!


Thank You soooo much for mentioning us!!! You all are AWESOME!!!

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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