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Darlin' For A Day...mandic1984!

This week's Darlin' for a Day is mandic1984! When I asked her how she wanted to use this very important day *cheeky grin*, she told me she wanted to rec a couple of fics that she thought were very good but didn't get all the attention they deserved. So...check out these fics and let the author know our Darlin' for a Day, mandic1984, sent ya!

Vampire Mating Academy by The Quisling

Summary: Rebella, Darksper, a forced attendance at a creepy castle school, a human Charlotte. Jasper took everything away so he could take what was his. What if she doesn't want to be taken? What happens when she fights back?

Mates of vampires are sent to Italy to learn what and how they need to become a mate. It follows Bella and Char and how they come to meet Jasper and Peter.

This story has really drawn me in. It is a Bella like I have never read before, she is strong but still a scared teenager dealing with the typical angst and trials. Another plus of this story is there is no Edward or Alice as of yet. There is also a Jasper POV that helps give some insight as to what is going on as this one is all from Bella's point of view. The Jasper in this fic is strong and really lets people know not to mess with his Bella.

Summary: Sometimes the first time you meet, you make an impression that lasts forever. Bella left a mark on Jasper, in more ways than one.

Follow a young Bella who is abused and mistreated by her family, and the boy who just moved in next door, Jasper. It has not gotten too far in yet but once it gets rolling and Bella and Jasper grow up, I have a feeling this is gonna be a really great story.

This story reminds me of growing up. It is set in Texas, which is where I have lived all but a year of my 27 years. Bella and Jasper start off as friends and it is just getting to the point where their bodies are changing and they are starting to become adults. I have talked with the author and she is holding off on updating since all of the tornadoes that have hit the US here lately since that is what was about to happen during the story, so I am just waiting for it to be updated.

Many thanks to mandic1984 for these Jasper fics! I don't know about you all, but I'm always on the lookout for new stories to read!

Remember...you too can be our Darlin' for a Day! You'll have free reign to pimp your fav fics, interview your fav author, tell us about yourself...whatever you want to do! All you have to do is come up with the winning caption in our Caption This segment.


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