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Hey y'all! *waves enthusiastically*

Last week I mentioned that if I got 7 comments I would sneak in two Jackson/Jasper gifs. Well, I'm not sneaking I'm just giving. Four of them to be exact. I hope you enjoy. But really how could you not.

He'd motion those fingers at me once and I'd be all over him.

There is just something about this one that makes me sigh.


Is it wrong that I find him hot as fuck in this?


1. yes darlin this is how I'm going to stroke you and make you cum

2. the whiskers will add to your pleasure

3. enjoy the hip thrusts

4. like my sex face darlin?

Yummy, that jst made my day!

*Falls out of bed* OMFG I love the selection today. Now, if only I could wake up to that EVERYDAY, life would be awesome. LOL Thank you so much for the Sunday morning pick-me-up & knock-me-back-down.

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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