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Underappreciated Fics: The Mistake by @lindsayjo_b

This week for my Underappreciated Fics rec, I bring you a canon-vamp Jasper fic called The Mistake written by the amazing and fantastic Lindz26.
Jasper is a part of the Cullen family and Alice is his partner. She loves Jasper unconditionally and without fail and always wants to show him that.
Jasper needs to hunt and of course Edward can tell so he suggests a ‘boys hunting trip’ and Jasper goes.
It’s hard for Jasper to follow the diet but he does it because he wants to make Alice happy, he wants to make the family proud.
When something happens and Jasper slips up, will he be welcomed back with open arms or will they cast him away because he’s a disappointment to them all.
You’re going to have to go read it to find out and I promise you’re going to love it! The author paints a picture so clear and detailed and just overall perfect that you won’t be able to help but love it!
Don’t forget to review because let’s face it, that’s the best way to repay the authors for their gift to us!
Until next week my dears!
(OH! And don’t forget to check out the blog post on the contest being hosted by the Darlins and The Major’s Army, the Not Your Mama’s PBJ Contest! It promises to be amazing and I can’t wait to read the entries when they start rolling in!)


OMG!!! This is wonderful! Thank you so much!!! This made my day :)

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