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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: The Edge of Love by OCDJen

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the new segment Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY! Each week I’ll be suggesting awesome slash stories for you to enjoy because sometimes Jasper would much rather ride a boy than his faithful steed. ;-)

This week we’ll be checking out The Edge of Love by OCDJen.

Jasper and agents and the mob….oh my!

Jasper Whitlock is the no-nonsense head of a powerful mob organization and Edward Cullen is an MI6 agent tasked with bringing him down. Going undercover as Mason Hale, Edward infiltrates the organization in an effort to gather the necessary evidence that would destroy the crime ring and send Jasper to jail for a very long time.

All goes well until Edward finds himself incredibly attracted to his new target. Always one to get exactly what he wants, Jasper tries his hardest to seduce his new employee even though Edward fights him every step of the way. Getting involved with the enemy is not a good idea and could ruin all of the work Edward’s done so far, not to mention his career at MI6.

The slow build up to both men succumbing to their desire is well worth the wait and you will NOT be disappointed in the lemons!

If you’re one who enjoys mystery, intrigue and a very badass Jasper, The Edge of Love is the story for you!

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