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It's Saturday and all of you know what that means. Yep...time for more drool producing gifs. Today I'm going to go with three. I hope you like, but really how could you not.

This one never fails to make me giggle.

Just imagine what he can do with that tongue.

The eyebrow. That's all I'm sayin'


Let's do this in a one-two-three step.
The first: LOL!
The second: Lord have mercy!
The third: So damn good!

Loved these!!!!!!!

Awesome, love the all three, and that second one damn!

The second one, I can't help but wonder what Jerad is doing there too. Cause they both look durty, you know?

I'm just gonna go die now because of the second one kthanksbye

The eyebrow *swoooooons* I lurve the eyebrow..

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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