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Hi everyone! I'm back! So let's recap on the last question that I posted: Where was it that Maria sought out Jasper for a "reunion" after years of not being in contact. And what things did Jasper have to say in return?

So, are ya'll dying to hear the answer? *Crickets* Jeez, tough crowd. Drum roll please....Jasper had a run in with Maria while vacationing with the family in Calgary. He politely told her to keep her distance in the future and asked that if Peter were to see her again, to wish her well for him.

Looks like we only got one guess, but Shirley007, you were right. Yay! *Happy dance* You are awesome girl. Do I dare challenge you for this weeks question? I do! And anyone else who wants to give an answer, you're welcome too!

Who is absolutely terri
fied of Jasper?

Leave me your feedback! Thanks!

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I swear, I was kidding about stalking these segments, but....

J. Jenks

There, better. lol.

Jason Scott Jenks (better known as J. Jenks)

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