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Save a Horse, Ride a CowBOY: Just an Interview by KellanCougar

Sometimes Jasper would rather ride a boy than his faithful steed...

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This week's story is Just an Interview by KellanCougar.

Jasper's nerves are at an all-time high as he prepares for a job interview. This position could mean a great deal for his career, so he wants to make a great first impression. Jasper's nervousness skyrockets when he notices one of the interviewers, Carlisle Cullen. His attraction to Carlisle is immediate and intense. Even though he's acutely aware of every move Carlisle makes throughout the interview, he manages to put on his A-game and accomplish all the tasks given to him. Will Jasper make it through the interview with his sanity intact? Will he be able to effectively work with Carlisle as his boss? You'll have to read this story and find out!

I have to say that Just an Interview has to be one of the best UST stories I've read in a long time. The tension was palpable and tense. I empathized with Jasper's discomfort, but at the same time completely understood his attraction to the executive. Come on, Carlisle in a suit looking all authoritative? YUM!

Check out this so-hot-it-will-melt-your-computer-screen story. You won't be disappointed!



Thank you so much for this amazing review! You've made my day :)

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