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From time to time, I pop on here randomly with causes that I want the fandom to be aware of. Stephenie Meyer brought the Quileute Tribe into our consciousness through her use of Jacob Black and the fictional wolf pack that so many of us love or even love to hate in the Twilight fandom.

Many of us in the fandom have become Native rights activists or at the very least become more aware of the plight of the indigenous people of the United States through this love of the Quileute people that was fostered because of our love of the Twilight Universe.

To that end, I urge y'all to become if not more involved, then at the very least more informed about the conditions that many of these beautiful and proud people are reduced to living in.

Some of you may be aware of the Great Sioux Nation's campaign to reclaim Pe' Sla from a private owner who was putting the land up for auction. They have made great strides toward raising money to reclaim some of that very sacred land and as of now, the auction has been called off. I urge you to consider assisting or at least offering a word of support.

You can learn more about Pe' Sla and the campaign to reclaim it HERE. Also see the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, James Anaya's, comments on the sale HERE.

One final word, I never seek to politicize this blog. Many of you that read here know me, if not personally then by reputation. When I post things like this, I do so after careful thought and when I honestly think it is a subject that the fandom, being the caring and charitable place that it is, can assist or should be aware of. I believe this issue is one that ALL of us should be aware of and should feel some sense of compassion for the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota people over.

As some who have commented have said, try and put yourself in a similar situation: How would you feel if Bethlehem, Mount Sinai, or Mecca was being auctioned off to the highest bidder to be paved over for a parking lot or have a road cut through it? That is similar to the significance of Pe' Sla to the Great Sioux Nation.

Thanks y'all for listening...even if you do nothing but read the articles and post them to your own blogs, twitter accounts, and Facebook pages, that's a help. More Jasper to come soon!


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