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Hey guys!!!!!

So, yeah...kind of forgot to do any of my posts last week. Sorry about that. I'm a spaz sometimes. :D

I'm here this week though and today I'm bringing you another awesome spank.

Let's see a reminder of the last spank bank picture...


First, Last, and Only
By: Deonne

As I sat on the bed looking up at him, I knew. I knew he was truly the one that I would want to share this night with. The fear of what was about to happen left me the moment I met his eyes. Those eyes had spoken so much and with such intensity that even if I tried I could never look away, could never regret what we were about to share.

“Come here.” He whispered as he slowly pulled me until I stood mere inches away from him.

Slowly his hand brushed up my arm, before coming to rest on my shoulder.

“Beautiful” his words so soft that I wasn’t entirely sure if I was actually meant to hear him.

Slowly his lips descended on mine, so gentle but firm at the same time. The passion that lingered throughout the night had set me ablaze with new and wonderful feelings and desires. I felt desired when he touched me, I felt beautiful when he would look at me in that way only he could.

As if he knew what I was feeling he slowly lowered his hand towards the zip holding the white lace and silk on my small body, his lips never leaving mine. I could feel as each set of teeth parted and a trail of gentle caresses followed the single motion. When the final set of teeth released from its partner I felt the material pool at my feel leaving me in the white bodice and panties that I had worn for the day.

Gently as if I was spun glass he picked me up and laid me on the bed. His grey eyes never leaving mine in his movements.

I trembled at his touch, my breath both heavy and light at the same time. Only he did this to me.

I felt the tingle of his lips as they descended on my breast as his nimble fingers made short work of the laces that held my under garments together; pulling gently to reveal more of me to him than ever before.

“Raise yourself for me beautiful” he murmured as he began to gently pull not only the bodice but the matching panties from me. I was completely exposed to him.

He looked at me as if I hung the moon, owned the stars, and set fire to the sun. The awe and love that rolled off this man was breath-taking and mind-blowing at the same time.

I watched fascinated as he slowly removed his clothes from his body. I was humbled as he showed more and more of himself to me. He was beyond handsome, he was beyond words.

As he joined me on the bed I smiled, his taller frame wrapped around me while one hand touched me in the most intimate of ways. I gasped, withered and panted as my body was overcame with a new and wonderful feeling of being set free but claimed at the same time.

I felt as he slowly entered me, for the first time our bodies were joined as one. Slowly he kissed me and cupped my cheek as he reached the barrier that would take me from naive child to woman.

“I love you.” His words filled with the love I never thought I would ever feel, let alone have another feel for me.

In one quick thrust he pushed through the small barrier that I had kept in place for this moment, for him. I couldn’t help but whimper as the sudden stinging that I felt, but I was thankful that he stilled himself; allowing me time for the pain to lessen while at the same time allow my body to feel comfortable with the intrusion.

“I’m sorry; I promise that it will never hurt like that again.” He whispered as he kissed the tears that had fallen away.

As we looked into each other’s eyes moments passed and I fell more in love with this man. Slowly I moved my hips, a tingle of desire flooded my very being. I couldn’t help but gasp as I shivered from what I was feeling.

He was gentle as he slowly withdrew until only the very tip was still inside me. A sensation of emotions ran through my very being, hitting my heart with how much love I had for this man. As he gently entered me once more I felt whole again.

Slowly we danced the dance only lovers do, becoming one with another in the most wonderful and true of ways that I had only dreamed of when I had met him. I gently raised my hand, touching his jaw, cheek, eyes and hair. I had to touch him, my body demanded I be one with him in every way that I could.

As our lips met once more I sighed. His tongue meeting mine, tasting his unique taste, breathing in his scent, and reveling in his touch.

As a slow build of that wonderful sensation that had rocketed through me earlier, I began to pant; it was delicious and thrilling to know that only he could make me feel like this for the rest of my life.

“That’s it Bella. Don’t fight it, just feel it.” He murmured in my ear.

Slowly, as not to hurt me he sped up. Each thrust causing a shock wave of desire to shoot through me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jasper.” I moaned, cried and gasped at once.

I felt like I was floating on clouds and he was my anchor to the real world.

“I love you.” His words groaned out as I felt him pulse inside me; claiming me as his for the rest of time.

He was my first, my only and my last.

Who am I?

I am Isabella Marie Whitlock.

Who is he?

Jasper Lee Whitlock.

But most importantly, he is my husband. From now until the end of time we are one.

*LE SIGH* So sweet and awesome. Thank you Deonne for sending it to me. MWAH!!!!

All right, let's see what happens with the next pic.


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