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Hey guys!!!

I'm not crying this week. I didn't get just one spank, oh no, I got two of them. Both were so good that I didn't know how I was going to chose between them. I then decided I didn't have too and can just give you both of them. :D

So, that's what I'm going to do. I hope you enjoy.

A reminder of the picture

First Entry:
Library Fun by Deonne

"Stop..." his voice strained as I went to go.

"Why? It won't change things." I murmured as I looked down at my feet. This man held my heart and I wasn't going to let him break me into a million pieces from his words.

I didn't hear his steps as he walked closer to me, but the scent of his cologne had my senses running wild and my hormones matching them step for step. My heart pounded in my chest like it's the freaking drummer of some heavy metal band. I wanted so badly to continue walking to where I know my safety is ensured, but my feet just won't listen to my head; they've pledged their allegiance to my heart.

I felt him skim his nose up and down my throat, breathing me in as much as I do him. I hate that without my permission my body craves his closeness.

I'm a traitor to myself, if not my heart.

I felt his hands creep up under my flimsy camisole, setting me on fire with his touch alone; a trail of goose flesh tailing the burn left behind until his hands rested just below my breasts. His strong frame wrapped around me like a security blanket, hiding me from the world. I can't help but gasp as his lips take over from nose in his never ending need to claim me as his own. Gently as if I'm made of spun glass his fingers creep around my bra, slowly turning me with his simple touch.

"Please, I can't do this anymore. You win, I lose." I whispered as he guides me back towards the shelves that had kept me safe until six months ago.

My plea is met with nothing but silence.

My eyes are trained on the floor as he continues to pull my strings. I am his puppet and he is my master.

Slowly, as if he wants me to beg, one of his hands trailed down my stomach towards my skirt, pulling at the strings that hold it up. By the time I count to three he has the strings undone and the material falls to the floor around my feet. By the count of five he has my leg up over his hip and his mouth on mine.

It's fire and ice meeting to make one hell of an explosion within me. I whimpered at his control and succumbed to his will.

His hands traveled all over me, from the slow tug on my panties to the teeth releasing the front clasp of my bra. My hands are no different, tugging at his shirt and fighting with the button and zipper of his jeans.

I gave him my all; my heart, my body, and my soul.

Gently he entered me, holding me there aw we gave into the pull that I'd fought for so long. It's both heaven and hell. Heaven for the feeling of being complete; hell because I'd fought so long against this to fall completely.

He swallowed my moan and buried himself further in me, than I'd ever thought possible. His movements slow and deliberate, showing me that he owns me; that he will own me until the day I die or he no longer yearns for me. Either way it will be by his hands, his words, and his heart that will end whatever it is that lives between us.

I want this to last forever, but I know this man. He is the unattainable fantasy come to life. He was sent to ruin for me for any man that comes after him. I fought so hard, his reputation in being a womanizer, a player, and a heartbreaker had me running at every sight. It was what made him chase me. I was different; it was my downfall. I'd lost before the game had ever started.

I gasped as his hand traveled up my thigh creating the most delicious tingles chasing his movements. They trailed from behind my knee, over the flesh of my thigh, until they finally found their destination of where we were joined as one. Circling my button he gently blew against my heated skin, causing a whole new sensation to run through me. Wanton with desire I never knew it could be so intense and I cried out as my release ripped through me, like I'd never felt before.

He followed me into euphoria, his golden curls circling his face as his head fell against my shoulder. His breath came in short pants as he slowly lowered my legs towards the ground.

My eyes fell to the floor, what had I done?

Slowly, as if afraid to spook me, I felt his hand raise my head; but I still couldn't meet his eyes, knowing that now he was going to say goodbye.

"Please look at me...I beg you." His words smothered in the emotions I felt inside me.

Tears fell against my will. What was going to happen to me now, would word break out that not only had he won but that he had broken me beyond repair?

"Bella...please." I heard it then. I felt it and I basked in it. That word filled with so much love that I doubted if I ever heard it from another that it would sound just as beautiful.

Slowly my brown eyes met his gray eyes. They were wet just as mine were.

"The game ended months ago, how did you not realize that? I'm yours and no-one else's. Please believe me." His words beseeched me and I knew. I knew, without a doubt, there was no lie or falseness in those words falling from his lips.

Gently, I rose up and kissed him, tentatively giving him me once more. Heart, body, soul, and mind. They belonged to him, given to him of my own choices.

He gasped, as he wrapped me in his arms, pulling me closer than ever before.

"I believe you...I love you, Jasper." And I did, with my whole heart.

Second Entry:
By twilightobsessed09

Again I wake up without him beside me.

Sighing, I climb out of bed and make my way from the room, sleepily strolling to the kitchen.

After getting myself a glass of water, I stand by the fridge and drink my fill of it before placing the glass in the sink and making my way to his office door. Noticing it closed and a light shining from under it, I sigh sadly as I think of his obsession.

Sure, I know what he's doing and yeah, it's extremely important to me as well, to find Alice's killer, but I need him too.

We've spent too much time apart being stubborn and thinking we didn't need one another anymore, and now that we're back together, I refuse to waste anymore time away from him.

Getting in from the Department tonight, I'd initially thought that we could've at least, shared an intimate dinner together for once and forget about work for a while. I'm a cop, he's a DA, and with everything about this copycat killer being so close to his sister's-Alice-murderer, I knew that we desperately needed a moment to just be before the case consumes us.

However, after making this known, I'm shot down and trumped by work, thanks to the files he has to revise. Disappointed, I took a shower and made my way to bed after eating alone.

Now, here at his office door, with my head against it, I'm wishing that he'd just call it a night and come to bed. I miss him. I want to fall asleep in his arms. I want his warm body next to mine.

Building my resolve, I knock and enter the room without an answer. Jasper is there behind his desk with his glasses perched on his nose. He's sitting there deeply engrossed in the files opened in front of him.

"I'll be in bed soon, Darlin'," he drawls without looking up.

Sighing, I walk over to his bookshelf without saying a word in response. Standing there, I scan the many law books and novels before me as I wait on him. I'm determined that I'm not leaving this room without him by my side.

With a deep groan, he finally says, "Bella, baby, I know, but I've got to look through this carefully. Maybe this copycat is in some way connected to Ally's killer. I have to find out."

He removes his glasses and in the midst of finding the move sexy and lusting after him, I will my mind to remain in focus as I reply, "Jasper, I want to find out as much as you do. I will also be turning a blind eye to the fact that you have more information there that doesn't belong on your desk because she was my best friend. If it can lead me to putting a bullet through that son of a bitch's head then I'm all for it."

"So, you get it then?" he asks.

"Yeah, I get it," I sigh exasperatedly. "It's just...I thought that maybe...maybe tonight we could just be together and leave this for tomorrow, and...just...just forget it."

I turn to make my way from the room before I'm grabbed and spun around to face him. His fiery blues eyes shine with desire as he backs me up to the bookshelf. I could never resist Jasper. The moment his eyes fix on mine, I'm gone.

Our lips meet, and our tongues dance over each other's as he deepens the kiss. His hands find my hips, stroking my sides as I run my fingers though his shaggy blonde hair.

Our moans fill the quiet room as he lifts me and backs me into the bookshelf. He pushes his hands under my chemise, groping my ass before lifting it over my head and leaving me in only my lacy boys shorts. He then pulls his shirt over his head, discarding it behind him. After lowering me and pulling my panties down, I run my fingers over his strong abs, biting my lip and looking looking up at him innocently. He raises a challenging brow before I lower myself to the ground and unbuckle his jeans.

Pulling them down his legs, I watch as his engorged cock springs free. I languidly lick it from tip to base, reveling in the groans I'm causing to escape from him as I take him into my mouth, sucking on the tip and bobbing my head up and down his length. He grips my hair and with my knees spread, my fingers stroking my clit he fucks my mouth.

"Stop, baby, I'm the only one allowed to make you come," he commands.

Stopping my ministrations, he pulls me up from the floor, lifting me and wrapping my legs around his waist as his cock twitches against my wet pussy. He backs into the shelf once more, guiding himself into me and filling me to the hilt.

Gripping his shoulders, I bounce up and down on his throbbing cock as we fuck.

"Uh...oh..mmm..Yes, Jasper!" I grunt out as he pushes into me.

"Mmmm...Bella..." he moans.

He moves us over to his desk after a while and once the files are out of the way, he places me on it, telling me to brace myself before he drives his hard dick into me again.

I do my best to hold on to the edge of the desk as he pounds into me continually. I can feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach from his hard thrusts.

"Ugh...Bella...I want you to...cum for me," he punctuates with each thrust.

My body answers his command minutes later when my orgasm comes barreling through me causing me to scream out in ecstasy before he follows, spilling inside of me as we both collapse on the desk.

Breathing heavily, he asks, "Bed?"

"Bed," I respond as he lifts me and carries me out of the room.

*fans self* Are any of you still alive after that those two pieces of hotness?

Okay, let's see if I can get that again with a new picture.


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