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Our Darlin' For A Day...forthelongestday!

This week's Darlin' is none other than forthelongestday! When she sent this to me, I had to laugh and after you read it, I'm sure it'll put a smile on your face too! So sit back and enjoy...

So, I tend to be of the incredibly awkward variety, w
hich many of you probably already know. Poor racejunkie got a nice demonstration of it in her inbox this weekend. Sorry about that, hun.
Anyways, the point is that I've never done this before. The only things I've ever really put out there are my fics, stuff on my blog, a couple of interviews I've done...oh, an
d a whole shit-ton of nonsense on Twitter. So I'm kind of lost.
Instead of just going on and on ab
out how ridiculous I am (and for serious, I would...) I decided to do rec's. Except I've never rec'd anything before, either. (This is about where I start banging my head against the wall saying "fuckfuckfuckfuckwhatamigonnado?!") So this is how it's gonna go. I'm going to rec as many things as I can in one thousand words. Precisely one thousand words. In a completely convoluted order that only makes sense to me, because it's more fun that way. And I'll just warn you now that not all of these are Jasper/Bella, or even Jasper/whoever. I'm all mis-matchy like that.
So yeah, one thousand words, starting...now.

Shoot the Sky
by Majesta Moniet

'The sound of the discharge echoed sharply in her ears, and she hadn't been prepared for the kickback. She flinched and stumbled slightly backwards, but Jasper had moved smoothly out of her path.
He was watching her stunned expression knowingly.
"That was..." Exhilarating.
"Feels good, doesn't it?" Jasper said. "Doing something dangerous just to learn something
about yourself. It's worth it."
"Yeah, and I...can I do it again?"

This legit renewed my faith in vamp Jasper/Bella. Seriously. I thought I might be done with that ship until I read this. It's beautiful and amazing and just so damn good.

and its webmistress IzPerplexing

For many reasons, but most recently because I don't have to agree to a whole bunc
h of garbage every time I want to post something. Stupid FFn.
Izzy because, well, because she's the shit. And I flove her. <3

Things that End by Britt-a-water

'The soft skin of her neck.

Running my nose along her jaw.
Breathing in her scent with wild abandon.
Placing my ice cold lips on her flaming hot skin and gently sucking her vein to the surface.
Feeling her heart beat so fast and hard, it reverberated through my entire body.

Her heartbeat was my heartbeat. God. I would love to have a heartbeat. Then, my fantasy darkens and the venom pools in my mouth as my razor sharp teeth cut into her peaches and cream skin. She isn't struggling. She wants this. She wants to feed me. She wants to warm me. She wants me. Her want warms me more than the blood that pours freely into my mouth. Her want makes my body sing. Her blood sets my dead body on fire. Every nerve ending, every dusty organ is shocked alive by my deep satisfaction.'

Seriously, this is incredible, and even though it's all but abandoned I still read it, because it's just that good. Someone find her! Bring her to me! I'll tie her up in my basement and get the rest of that fuck-awesome amazingness out of her if it KILLS ME. Or, you know, something a little less aggressive because really, I understand that sometimes real life just takes over. Even i
f it makes me sad. If Britt-a-water ever gets around to completing this, I will be first in fucking line to read it.


It's like water, but better!

Mexicali Blues by carpetinflight [Veronica Mars]

'The board he's riding is the same one he had with him in Alta California. Same sun, same ocean, same Logan. But somehow, the water's warmer and the light is brighter here. T
he waves are definitely bigger; that's the real reason he drove all this way, after all. The best part, though, is the view. When he's out on the water and he looks back toward shore, he doesn't see the place where the bum fights were, or the parking lot where Weevil broke his headlights or the bridge where his mother jumped. He doesn't have to see any of the thousand and one places in Neptune that bad things happen to him (or with him or because of him). Sometimes the ocean was the only place in Neptune that was bearable at all. This little hacienda is a new place, an empty place without memories filling it up. The waves don't have to be anything here but what they are, perfect little swells and curls and rhythmic tides throwing themselves against the shore without end.'

I don't care that this isn't TwiFic. DO NOT CARE. If you ever watched and even somewhat enjoyed Veronica Mars and the whole Veronica/Logan thing, then you have to read this. You just do. It's one of those things that I read and it stayed lodged right in my heart for days afterward. It is absolutely disgusting that this one-shot only has eighteen reviews, and it made me realize just how spoiled we are in the Twilight Fandom.

Doing away with author's notes entirely!

Because no matter how many times you say "DEWDS, THIS BE CRACK-FIC", some bitch is still gonna come along and say you must have written it when you were high/drunk and it is s
tupid/not funny. And it's your fault, of course.

Sleep on the Floor by sexycereal
'Pretty Boy stopped in his tracks and turned. I stared, open-mouthed for one awkwardly long moment before I panicked and pitched the crumpled, pretty much empty, plastic Starbucks c
up at his face. It hit him square in the forehead and the last melty remnants of cold coffee splattered all over his--admittedly, very attractive--face.'

'nuff said.


As an entity.

Bound for Glory by jandco and wtvoc

I looked for a quote, I really did...but hell, I can't choose so all I'm going to say is, "Jasper?"


For real. Love that shit.

Antiques Roadshow by aerobee82

'I could kiss her right now for playing along with me. I offer her my elbow, and she hooks her
arm around mine. She smiles up at me with such warmth, her eyes shining with mirth, and I am once again lost. I am so entranced that I forget that we are even walking, and I lead My Lady right into a plate glass window. I am so screwed.'

Vamp Edward. Don't hate him. I even like him, a lot. WHAAAA?!?!

Milo Ventimiglia and Brittany Snow as Peter and Charlotte

Because. If you're like, super opposed or whatever, Sam Worthington is an a
cceptable Peter substitute.

Best Party Ever by TruceOver

'"Stripper?" Jasper asked wistfully.'

I love learning new things about fic and myself in relation, and one of the things the Slash/Backslash 3.0 contest taught me was that, well, there's more slash out there that I like than I assumed. This made me laugh and smile and I just adored


Fuck that, I don't want to share! ;-P

End of Ze World

Found on youtube here.

The End.

Many thanks to forthelongestday for um...sharing with us! lol Don't forget to check out her fics. You'll be glad you did!!!

I like... love you so fucking much! No one could ever pull off a DFAD like this, except for you. Loving Jasper doesn't mean you don't have to like other stuff, even Edward. *fluffles* <-- For being you.

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