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Hey guys!!!

So, yeah...apparently I jinxed myself in one of my posts last week and ended up forgetting to post this yesterday. So sorry, but I'm here now.

Today's gifs have really no rhyme, reason, or common theme. Well, except for the fact that they all have the hotness of Jackson. :)

Hope all of you are having a good weekend.


I don't know about any of you, but I think our boy has the crooked smile down better than Edward.

Does anyone know where this is from?

I love that look on his face.

Until next week....MWAH!


I believe that's from "The War at Home".
I seem to remember Jackson's character going to his friend's house and them talking in the living room.

*Becomes a puddle of Goo* OMG Thank you so much - now that is the BEST WAY to wake up - being greeted by The Jack-smile!!! Thanks for the share.

I agree that Jackson's smirk is better then Edward and yes it is from "The War at Home" one of the dudes that was in the show is now in Breaking Dawn as one of the Egyptian coven

Hey that one is from war at home....

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