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Darlins Come Together: All Together Different by KristALchelle

This week's Darlins Come Together story is All Together Different by KristALchelle. It was suggested to us by a reader of the blog (thank you!), so we hope you all like it just as much as she did!

Summary: Instead of jumping off the cliff, Bella jumps head first into a brand new life. Five years later, tragedy brings the Cullen family back to Forks to help pick up the pieces of a shattered heart.

Let's see what some of the Darlins had to say about this engrossing story.

Ever wonder what would of happened if Bella had never jumped off the cliff and had decided that she could be happy with Jacob? That’s what we find here. Bella is about to cliff dive and is stopped by Jacob, telling her to stay where she was and lure out Victoria. The wolves take care of that problem and they all live happily ever after! Um right.. Not so much. Bella decides that she could make a life with Jake and tries, fast forward and they are now married with two kids and they are happy. Then Jake gets sick, but wolves never get sick, and something more is wrong. I haven’t gotten to read much more than that but I am excited to dive in to it some more and find out how Bella and Jasper become a more. I hope you check it out too!!!

First of all, I need to warn everyone to have a box of kleenex by your side before you start reading this story! I love angsty fics and this one rated right up there among my favorites. KristALchelle has the unique ability to reach right into your heart and give it a twist. There aren’t very many stories that can bring tears to my eyes, but this one sure did. I felt Bella’s heartbreak as she endured something no one wants to go through...the death of a loved one. But she’s not alone! Our favorite southern gentleman comes back to forks to help her. I knew she was only 10 chapters in, but I kept looking for that “next” button...this story is that good! I’m not going to say anything more except that this is one fic that is going on my fav’s list!

All Together Different tells the story of how Bella moves forward with her life after the Cullens leave. She's able to have a great life with Jake, even though she is still plagued with feelings of inadequacy following her vampire family's disappearance. Horrible circumstances occur and Bella is forced to contact Carlisle for medical advice that sets the ball rolling for reunions, revelations and new discoveries.

I found this story to be refreshing on many levels. Bella actually builds a happy life with Jake after the Cullens leave, and Edward's attitude is much less about controlling Bella's life, but ensuring she is happy and fulfilled. I've often found that Edward is typically quite juvenile about his feelings for Bella, so it was nice to see him looking out for her best interests rather than making himself the martyr.


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