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Hey Guys!!!

It's that time again. I was so happy to see all the captions I had to choose from this time. I appreciate each and every one of them. I wish I could have had all of them win because they were all funny, but I can't. Iz sorry.

Here's a reminder of the pic from last week...

The winning caption was:
Edward: I told Bella I'm a vampire..
All: Did you show her how you sparkle? *leer*
Edward: *looks down*
All: *Stares in Shock*
Edward: She thought I dropped it in glitter!

Thank you to Wicked for leaving it. If you will send racejunkie a quick email at race.junkie@hotmail.com, she'll get you set up for you Darlin' for a Day.

Now on to the photo this week.

Okay people show me what you got.

Until next week...


Jasper: "You know, I never thought I'd have a goldfish for dinner".
Alice: "If you haven't let Bella leave, you wouldn't have to eat it"

Damn Emmett for breaking the Ouija board! Now Alice'll know I've been moving the planchette...

Jasper: And that's how I was able to... Alice are you okay?
Alice: Just give me a second. *starts drawing away for 5 minutes*
Jasper: Damn the guys won't like that. *stares at the picture*
Alice: Well you know what they say; Everything's Bigger In Texas, or in this case Texas Men.

Not a comment, but I love the little monkey up top

Jasper: "That's it, Alice - just sign your name on the dotted line. I'll steady your hand." *Helps Alice sign her name*

J: "OK - now that the divorce is finalized, bring on those girls at Jasper's Darlin's."

Jasper: Ali what did you see?
Alice: You divorcing me for some red head

*waves I'm the red head lol*

The Red-head could be me - I'm a red-head too!!!

Alice, how old are you? surely you should be able to write your own name by now!

Jasper: *Internal Thought* "Now that Alice is locked into a vision, it's my chance to grab Bella and run!"

Jasper: *Out Loud* "Bella, darlin', wanna run away with me??"

Bella: *Out of camera range..Squeals* "I thought you'd NEVER ask!"

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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