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Okay everyone, this week I read a pretty amazing one shot that features a broken hearted Bella and her rather pushy and caring best friend Alice. They live in New York City and Alice feels that she has put up with Bella's wallowing and self-loathing for long enough and she demands that Bella go out and see Christmas time in the Big Apple.

Alice takes her to Rockafeller Center to go ice skating where our clumsy little Bella collides with our hot hunk of a man, Jasper. She has a bad case of word vomit and Jasper ends up skating off into the crowd. Pretty soon Alice skates up to Bella giving her the scoop on Jasper Whitlock. Alice has ways of getting information...

The story goes on with several more encounters and more clumsy, word vomiting Bella. She's still completely dampered by her broken heart but she starts to realize that she does want to move on, now if only jasper would call her back...

You have to read the story to find out what happens and if Bella ever moves on or if she ends up alone a miserable, forever wallowing!

The story is called Serendipity by Feralness Is Me and it's definitely worth a read! So go on read it and don't forget to leave some love, that is the whole point afterall :)

Until next week loves...


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