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Hey all you Jasper Lovin Darlins! This week I had help from the Darlin's twitter and sent out a call for some underappreciated fics and boy did you guys come through for me! This week I'm bringing you a Bella/Jasper piece by domysticated titled Unscripted

It's three chapters in so far, but holy fucking hell is it the start of something great!

Renee and Charlie reveal to Bella that they are getting a divorce and Charlie is moving from Arizona to Washington for a job. Bella is going to spend summers there and she's nervous about it. She approximately eleven when she visits for the first time and she becomes fast friends with the Cullen twins, Seth and Edward.

They do everything together and Bella feels so free and child like even though she's maturing. All the time she spends outdoors is awesome to her and she doesn't get that when she's in Phoenix, Renee tends to smother her more than let her be free.

Jasper is the eldest Cullen at seventeen and he is a tough character to figure out in the few chapters that we've had so far, but I can't wait to see where she is going with this and to find out how the Bella and Jasper pairing is going to come into the plot line!

The descriptions we get and the feelings that Bella is feeling are so well done, that you instantly feel connected to her and want nothing more than for her to be a healthy and happy kid!

So get over there, check it out and show this girl some love because she's got talent y'all!

Back again next week with more fics to love on!



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