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Hey guys!!!

So it's Saturday again and today's gifs, 4 of them to be exact, are paying homage to the movies Jackson has been in (excluding Twilight).

What I want to know is which of these is your favorite. So let's get right into it shall we...

First up we have Senior Skip Day and I must say I love Snippy. He's just adorkable.
This is number 3 on my favorite list between the four.

Next we have S. Darko...
Sooo this is number 4 for me, but only because I haven't seen it. However, I'm going to have to just so I can see this part.

Hurt anyone...
This is number 2 for me because I love seeing him shirtless.

And last, but certainly not least we have Dread...
Of course, this is number 1 for me. I mean look at him...

Alright that is all, now go comment and let me know what order they are in for you.

Until next week...MWAH!


ok so for me The Last Airbender would be first. Senior Skip Day would be second.Hurt comes in third and Dread is last only because I HATED the ending. Love the gifs and I agree he does look hot in Dread and love seeing him shirtless in Hurt

oh and S.Darko wasn't listed because I've yet to see it

He was sexy in dread... But I hated the ending *tears*... Never saw s darko... Really should see it.

Hurt was the first movie I saw him in

Can't waitut for Girlfriend and his butt shot, hmmmmmnnnn

Laurie I seriously forgot The Last Airbender and I had a gif for it. That one would have to be up there with Dread for me. I can't believe I forgot it, especially since I just watched it the other night. *wanders away in thought*

Hmmm, I actually haven't seen Senior Skip Day *waits for the tomatoes*, but I loved him in Hurt. In my opinion he made an otherwise mediocre movie much better. I still have to rank The Last Airbender as #1 because his Sokka was so spot on (IMO). #2 Hurt. #3 Dread. #4 S.Darko (his part was pretty microscopic in it, but I liked his character). I also haven't seen Dread, so I can't comment, but it's on my Netflix list. :D

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