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Darlins Love a Darlin': mw138 edition

This week I’m going to tell you about a little O/S mw138 wrote. I had two to choose from, one that won an award and one that was written for our very own Tiff’s b-day. After reading both of them, there was one paragraph I couldn’t get out of my mind and the choice was easy. The name of this little gem is Wet…yeah, that’s what I thought when I read the title! Lol
Summary:  Edward needs to get out and let loose after years of constant study that left him socially awkward and shy. When an instant connection with a handsome stranger occurs on the dance floor, Edward decides to let go & take a chance...with stellar results!

His eyes were hidden by a cowboy hat that sat low. My eyes scanned lower to take in his broad shoulders, muscular arms, narrow waist and strong legs. Wearing low riding jeans and a black tank, he oozed sexiness.

 I’ll give you a few minutes to let that image roll around in your brain.
Ok, we’re back! In this fic, Alice and her friend decide that Edward needs to get loose and get laid *smirks* so they take him to a club where he meets our cowboy, Jasper. There’s a scene that reminded me of the movie ”Footloose” (yeah, I’m that old *growls*) and it totally works in the story. I don’t want to give away too much so I’m just going to advise you to read “Wet” and when you’re done, read the rest of mw138’s other fics. You won’t regret it…I promise!!!


I will! I seriously will! I already wanted to, having talk a little with mw138 and it doesn't surprise me that she writes some amazing things!


Thanks, ladies! *blushes*

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Thank you for our Gem Awards Win!
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